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SKN Chamber Introduces Walter Bond

Meet Walter Bond Like you, Walter Bond, knows what its like to be discounted by everyone around you. To run up against challenges that feel insurmountable. And to have moments where challenges were winning. But then Walter recognized a single truth that changed everything: Peak Performers have no excuses for failure; only reasons for success. […]

SKN Chamber Takes Action on Crime

With no time to spare, the SKN Chamber takes action on Crime INITIAL ACTION PLAN CIC to engage its own expert to speak to the general membership on crime. Completion – 3 months   CIC to launch and manage (on behalf of the NGO Coalition) a social media campaign which will be adopted at will […]

SKN Chamber Members are off to the races

Through active engagement in committees, SKN Chamber Members are off to the races! The changing platform of the world’s agenda has caused us to rethink our strategies. Building resilience requires us to figure out how to punch above our weight and compete in new arenas, engage in discussions at different levels, leveraging relationships, collaborating and […]

Services – SKNCIC Growth Agenda

Supporting the heels of other sectoral areas, the services sector has grown astronomically over the last decade.  The opportunities are endless. Engage in the work being done to support and build resilience in this sector.

Tourism – SKNCIC Growth Agenda

As one of the primary drivers of economic growth, this sector has open fields of opportunities.  With so much depending on the health of the sector, there is much to be done to build resilience. Sign up to participate in the work being done to build a strong private sector to support sustainable tourism.

Manufacturing – SKNCIC Growth Agenda

Manufacturing is part of our bedrock as many of our parents, grandparents and ancestors were engaged in the production of sugar.  With its 6.37% contribution to our GDP and the provision of 7% of the total workforce, manufacturing remains a vital part of our economic infrastructure.  Trade liberalization however, has put this sector at risk. […]