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Services – SKNCIC Growth Agenda

Supporting the heels of other sectoral areas, the services sector has grown astronomically over the last decade.  The opportunities are endless. Engage in the work being done to support and build resilience in this sector.

Tourism – SKNCIC Growth Agenda

As one of the primary drivers of economic growth, this sector has open fields of opportunities.  With so much depending on the health of the sector, there is much to be done to build resilience. Sign up to participate in the work being done to build a strong private sector to support sustainable tourism.

Manufacturing – SKNCIC Growth Agenda

Manufacturing is part of our bedrock as many of our parents, grandparents and ancestors were engaged in the production of sugar.  With its 6.37% contribution to our GDP and the provision of 7% of the total workforce, manufacturing remains a vital part of our economic infrastructure.  Trade liberalization however, has put this sector at risk. […]

Evolving Financial Landscape of St. Kitts & Nevis

Saving, spending and investing money has become more challenging as the rules of engagement continue to change.  De-risking continues. FATCA (our financial relationship with the USA), the Banking Act (orchestrated by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank) and now the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) all play a role in the new era of financial management. Speaking […]

Grow Your Business

Using Trade Agreements to Grow Your Business Sign-up below for this business development opportunity to be held at the CIC Conference Room on June 8, 2017 9:00 a.m.  – 12:00 noon Members – $50.00 Non-Members – $75.00

Trade Impact – St. Kitts & Nevis Perspective

Trade Impact! Whether we are talking about Brexit, Trump’s strategies to “Make America Great Again”, or bilateral arrangements with another Caribbean or international country, the impact of trade agreements on the smaller islands of the Caribbean is significant and require special attention if we are to achieve any benefits. When you take into consideration the fact […]

Crime Is Personal in small islands

When business owners of small, medium or large enterprises on small islands are attacked, the crime is personal!  Everyone knows either the perpetrators or the victims!  This knowledge is actually a problem in more ways than one.  It unfortunately means that the law enforcement agents also know and are known by the criminals, making everyone […]

St. Kitts-Nevis and the WTO TFA

What does this mean for the private sector? Signatories to the agreement believe that the major beneficiaries of this agreement is the private sector entities that fully embrace the WTO TFA.  Through improved  global trade mechanisms, new exporters will experience a smoother process that facilitates access to markets otherwise blocked by complicated trade procedures; trade exports […]