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For over a decade violent crime has been a major threat to the peace, stability and security of our country and to the economy. The gun and gang culture has grown alarmingly. The murder rate has been consistently high and the number and daring manner of robberies of businesses is growing. The problem has reached a new and dangerous level with the murder of two police officers which has elevated it to a direct attack on the law and on society by misguided young people with guns.

Society through the security forces must in the immediate term aggressively and powerfully repel this attack and root out its perpetrators with all the lawful force required. However law enforcement alone will not eradicate the problem in the long term. Strong action involving the entire society is badly needed to address the deep rooted causes. Among the major causes are negative attitudes and anti social behaviors resulting in a culture which has failed our young people, disconnected them from society and fueled the rise of the gang culture. These attitudes and behaviors include poor parenting and a lack of trust in law enforcement. The political tribalism which has pervaded our country for over 50 years without relief has also contributed to the problem. Crime has become another source of the blame game between politicians.

If this culture persists the problem will not be solved by more spending on law enforcement. Law enforcement must play its critical role to repel the attack on society with all necessary force but the society must at the same time pursue the long term solutions and persuade our people that our society can be much better than it currently is. To this end the Chamber of Industry and Commerce proposes the establishment of a small but high-powered committee involving nominees of the political parties, civil society and our youth to recommend as a matter of urgency a programme of solutions and action. The Chamber is convening a meeting of over 40 key organizations in the community to nominate the civil society representatives to serve on the committee and to agree the framework of the committee.

SKN Chamber Members are off to the races

Through active engagement in committees, SKN Chamber Members are off to the races!

SKN Chamber Members

The changing platform of the world’s agenda has caused us to rethink our strategies. Building resilience requires us to figure out how to punch above our weight and compete in new arenas, engage in discussions at different levels, leveraging relationships, collaborating and focusing on the factors that drive positive change.


Human Development Committee – recognizing the need to develop our most critical assets, the Chamber provides its members with opportunities to develop their staff.  Through the execution of a wide array of training topics, the Chamber delivers solutions that are easily implemented at work.  The work of this committee stretches much further than that. It works to build an infrastructure that promotes continuous learning as the foundation for economic growth.  Their mandate includes a comprehensive review of the policies and stakeholder interventions that weigh in our ability to deliver a productive workforce.  SIGN UP


CIC Committee on Crime – focuses on the issues that are ever-present on our minds.  The root causes are clear and articulated frequently, as is your Chamber’s position on crime. The solutions are also clear but need commitment and resources to implement and sustain. All members can contribute their talent and time in a framework that is designed to provide additional support and craft results. Click here to see CIC Action Plan or  SIGN UP


Networking Committee – exists to bring us all together in a space that allows business to happen!  Facilitating business to business introduction in a lighthearted environment; updating businesses on changes that impact their operations; providing forums for the voice of our members – this committee is fully engaged in bringing the Chamber to live in the moment!  SIGN UP


Finance Committee – responds to the issues that affect our bottom line.  The work of this committee involves a comprehensive review of what is necessary to create financial stability, while at the same time, build a strong financial infrastructure that promotes prosperity for all.


There are others that need to get going!  Next in line are those committees engaged in our growth agenda in the following sectoral areas:  Click on the option of your choice to sign up.

To learn more about existing committees click here